Company Profile

Headquartered in Addis Ababa, Africa Avenue, Mega building Janora technologies PLC is a company registered in Ethiopia with all legal trade license and accreditations to provide and supply a complete IT, Telecom and LED lighting energy solution systems. Janora is a pioneer Ethiopian company to start a mobile phone assembly plant called TANA Communication in Bahir Dar with a regional partner. Janora provides superior and modern technologies to customers with provisions of  computer assembly, supply of telecom equipments, supply of solar powered technologies, surveillance system for governmental and privates organizations.



The mission of Janora Technologies is to set the highest standard for the assembly and delivery of telecom equipments, computer and peripherals system, software solutions, surveillance solution and to become the best and premier ICT Company in Ethiopia.


By providing consistently high quality, low cost mobile telecom terminals, tablets, computers, solar solutions, LED lighting, technologies, surveillance and peripherals system assembly as well as software products, Janora Technologies PLC envisions to be the premier producer and exporter of these products.


The purpose of the Janora Technologies PLC is to create jobs and contribute to knowledge based national economy that is capable of generating sustainable middle income society through technological affluence by:

      • Serving as ICT partner for the service delivery program for the government and non government enterprises in the following areas: Education, health, agriculture, Governance, Finance, security, and the development of the respective ICT content and applications.
      •  Providing  the highest level of customer service in the industry and the country
      • Continually strive for excellence in all that Janora does
      • Create jobs for local talent and skills for the development of content and provide support for ICT hard ware and software implementations.
      • Utilize the semiskilled labor force in Ethiopia in order to in-source technical support and off-shore services for international business.
      • Maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all its business dealings.
      • Making Ethiopia electronic hub of Africa

Products and Services

·        Telecom equipments importer and Distributor

·        Maintenance and Technical support

·        LED lighting systems

·        Solar Energy systems

·        Hardware Design and Manufacturing

·        Tablets, Computer, Feature phone, Smart phone and Telecom equipments Assembly

·        Surveillance System Design and Installation

 Future products and services

v   Hardware design and manufacturing

·         Design and manufacture tablets, servers, desktop and laptop computers with ISO            standards

·         Design and manufacture mobile communication handsets

·         Design and manufacture chip embedded smart cards

·         Processes and system design

·          Surveillance system design and installation

·         Design and manufacture LED lighting products

 Core Staffs

Janora Technologies P.l.c is staffed with experienced and highly motivated permanent and part time professional in various disciplines including systems Analysis and Design, programming & Networking

Organizational structure

Janora Technologies is organized into the following major units:

1.                  Component and Integrated circuits design

2.                  System Integration and solutions design

3.                  Manufacturing and Assembly

4.                  Marketing & Finance Department

5.                  Human resources, Training and Knowledge Transfer

6.                  Charity and Giving back to the community ecosystem




Janora technologies PLC , an Ethiopian company, provide and supply a complete IT, Telecom and LED Lighting energy solution systems. Janora is a pioneer Ethiopian company to start a mobile phone assembly plant called TANA Communication in Bahir Dar with a regional partner.


Addis Ababa, Africa Avenue, Mega Building 3rd Floor Suit #313 

Phone: (+251) 118-700120/602195
          : (+251) 911-202149/60379118

Fax: (+251) 115-544809 

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